29 May 2012, Tuesday, 16:42

Rights of Russian and foreign investors are equaled in Bashkortostan

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The amendments, inserted into two interconnected Republican laws “Foreign investment activity in Republic of Bashkortostan” and “Corporate property tax” started working in Bashkortostan.

Since 1991 activity of foreign investors in our Republic is regulated by the law “Foreign investment activity”. Since then the legislative base, which regulated foreign activity on our territory, was cardinally improved. Bashkir authorities made investment climate more favorable and these steps resulted in attraction of larger volumes of investments.

“Investment expenses are one of the main factors, determining the upsurge of economics for a long period of time” – the deputy Minister for economic development RB Eugene Mavrin explained – “So substantial improvement of investment climate still remains the prior task in investment policy of Bashkortostan. Perfection of normative-lawful base and making additional conditions for inflow of investments in real sector of economics will be continued”.

Therefore the amendments in Republican legislation will help foreign investors to use all preferences and rights, set in Bashkortostan.