29 May 2012, Tuesday, 11:51

Bashkir manufacturers will take part in the first Russian Eco-Fashion Week

author: Galina Bakshieva

Bashkir manufacturers of eco-clothes will participate in the first Russian Eco-Fashion Week, which will take place in Moscow on June 5-10.

Russian modelers will present their collections, made of hemp, bamboo, silk and stinging nettle.

The main goal of the Fashion Week is popularization of eco-clothes in Russia and opening of the unique site for promotion of new ecologically-oriented brands of clothes and technologies. In the future initiators – the public ecological movement “Eco” — intend to hold Russian Eco-Fashion Week every year.

The coordinator of the public movement “Eco” in Bashkortostan Guzelle Latypova says the company “Without Any To-Do” will present our Republic in Moscow. The company manufactures eco-clothes and bags, made of stinging nettle and flax.