28 May 2012, Monday, 14:51

Delegates of “United Russia” XIII congress: “The party stands before new stage of development”

author: Sergey Zakharov

Delegate of “United Russia” XIII congress, the deputy coordinator of all-Russian national front in Bashkortostan Eliana Saitova is certain that after this forum the party will stand before a new stage of development.

“First, the mechanism of rotation of party’s personnel is improved. We will introduce the quotes on the top posts for representatives of primary organizations, thus making a sort of social lift” – she said.

At that the practice of primaries will be continued and according to Eliana Saitova “primaries will be perfected due to attraction of representatives of public society”.

In her opinion “the course, conducted by the party within the whole period of its existence, is directed at democratization, openness and also at the opportunities of growth and showing one’s worth”.

Another participant of the congress, a deputy of Ufa town council Timur Khakimov believes that appointment of Dmitry Medvedev to the post of “United Russia” chairman “will give new impetus to development of the party, its renovation, in the first turn in sphere of promotion of young specialists”.