25 May 2012, Friday, 14:26

Rail Asadullin: “The congress should show that “United Russia” is still alive and able-bodied”

author: Sergey Zakharov

“After the last State Duma elections there were many talks in mass-media that the party needed urgent modernization. So the forthcoming congress should demonstrate that “United Russia” is still alive and able-bodied, its resources aren’t yet exhausted and it is ready for new actions for the good of our Motherland but, sure, certain changes are necessary” – a delegate of “United Russia” congress, coordinator of all-Russian National Front in Bashkortostan Rail Asadullin stated.

He also says it is not ruled out that in the future the President of the country will be the leader of the main party, as it can be often met in leading democratic states. The fact that the future chairman is elected as a member of the party is a generally accepted norm, he said.

It should be reminded that on May 26 a new chairman will be elected at the XIII “United Russia” congress, since the President of Russia Vladimir Putin already stated that he would resign.