15 May 2012, Tuesday, 15:31

Bashkir poultry farm by M. Gafuri launched the second turn of production

author: Galia Nabieva

The second turn of the site N4 – eight poultry yards, meant for 93500 heads – started working at the Bashkir poultry farm by M. Gafuri today. The formula-feed plant with the capacity 10 tons/hour will be put into exploitation slightly later.

The Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov has taken part in solemn opening ceremony.

For today the livestock of the poultry farm numbers slightly more than 176 thousand heads.

Realization of the project started in 2007. Three stages are planned here. The first stage was launched in 2009, when the farm started production of turkey meat. Now the farm produces 6345 tons of turkey meat in live weight every year.

Thanks to putting new poultry yards into exploitation the volumes of production of dietary meat will be increased practically twice – up to 11750 tons. During next two years the poultry farm has to reach full production capacity and in 2014 it will produce up to 30 tons of turkey meat in live weight.

Total amount of investments will exceed five billion 800 million rubles. As Azamat Ilimbetov said, the Republic will further support such projects. In April the project was included into the list of top priority ones. Thanks to that the farm may count on substantial tax preferences.