15 May 2012, Tuesday, 10:20

Representatives of Bashkortostan are taking part in festival of culture in Turkey

author: Alim Faizov

The XXX international festival of culture and arts, devoted to the memory of well-known Turkish poet-improviser Ashyk Seirani (1800-1866) is held in Develi (the region of Kaiseri, Turkish Republic) and the improviser fr om Sibay, Bashkortostan, Asia Gainullina is taking part in it.

A scientific-practical conference, wh ere Asia Gainullina will tell about peculiarities of improviser art as a professional folklore specialist, will be also held within the frames of the festival.

The show of poets and improvisers from different countries will take place tonight and along with Asia Gainullina a young Bashkir poet, student of the Bashkir State Pedagogical University Ildus Kagarmanov, studying in Ankara at the courses of Turkish language, organized by TURKSOY, will read his poems there.

The representative of Bashkortostan in TURKSOY Akhat Salikhov reports that Asia Gainullina will also take part in the scientific-practical conference, devoted to Turk culture. The conference will be held on May 17-20 in the town of Erzurum.