10 May 2012, Thursday, 12:46

Presentation of electronic album “Faces of Victory” has taken place in Kumertau

author: Marina Shumilova

Video-version of the project “Faces of Victory” was demonstrated on May 9 on a wide screen on the main square of the town of Kumertau. The project, initiated by Kumertau administration, represents an electronic album about compatriots – participants of the Great Patriotic War.

The image of a winning veteran gives our contemporaries the unique opportunity to get to know more about the Great Victory, helps to imagine the complete picture of those events and initiates a dialogue between generations, the initiators of the project say. The reminiscences, included into the electronic album “Faces of Victory” is the live chronicles of the Great Patriotic War, which helps to keep the memory about bravery and heroism of its participants for the offspring.

themes: Victory day