04 May 2012, Friday, 17:20

A workgroup re increase of budget revenues will be formed in Bashkortostan

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Special workgroup will be busy with problems of budget filling. The decision concerning formation of such group was announced by the Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov at today’s widened meeting, devoted to totals of execution of the regional budget in the first quarter of 2012.

Along with the Prime-Minister the staff of the workgroup will include his deputies and heads of Republican ministries and agencies. Joint meetings will be held monthly and the first one is already appointed on the beginning of June. By this time the Prime-Minister ordered sectoral ministries to examine patronized enterprises and to find out why they tolerated the drop of tax proceeds and how it could happen.

As for the ways of filling the Republican exchequer, the Prime-Minister advised to avoid staking on the cuts of state employees, planned on the level of 3% in 2011, but concentrate the main efforts on the rise of rates of economics.

“The main thing is growth of economics, attraction of investments, opening new workplaces and, correspondingly, the increase of the taxable base. These are our strategic goals” – the Prime-Minister stated.

themes: budget, taxes