01 May 2012, Tuesday, 7:17

Contest of rural libraries “Following the tracks of Northern Amours” is held in Krasnokamsky region RB

author: Marina Shumilova

The contest among rural libraries “Following the tracks of Northern Amours”, devoted to the 200th anniversary of victory of Russia in the patriotic war 1812, was held in Krasnokamsky region RB. Librarians acquaint pupils with the pages of historical past, connected with participation n of famous Bashkir squadrons and with description of their feats in the folk art.

A cycle of thematic evening –parties, devoted to Bashkir compatriots – participants of the patriotic war, has taken place in the region and at that pupils took the most active part in them. Pupils read poems and sing ancient songs about those events, answer the questions of historical quizzes.