01 May 2012, Tuesday, 17:58

Bashkir kurai sounded at festival in Riga

author: Marina Shumilova

The number of folk musician, pupil Khainur Khairullin from Tallinn has become one of the main events at the “Festival” “Melodies of National Soul” in Riga. The young musician played the national melody “My Ural” and medley, composed of several modern Bashkir compositions.

In the Baltic states Ilnur Khairullin is the only pupil, who plays kurai – Bashkir national instrument. During summer holidays he often goes to the motherland of his mother = Fluza Kharullina to study kurai there.

In 2011 the young boy has taken place at the VI international festival “Ventrspils Wreath-2011”. In 2012 the boy will finish school and will go to Republican festival of kurai players in Bashkortostan.