20 April 2012, Friday, 10:56

The VII interregional conference, devoted to urban Bashkirs, is held in the town of Utchaly

author: Marina Shumilova

The VII interregional conference “Urban Bashkirs: traditions and modern society” is held today, April 20, in the town of Utchaly. It is organized by the Ministry of culture RB, the Ministry of education RB, the Ministry of health protection RB, the Academy of Sciences RB, World Bashkir Congress executive committee, Ufa Scientific Center, the Institute of history, language and literature and by local municipal administration. Historians, ethnologists, demographers, political scientists, philologists, public activists and delegations from southeastern regions and towns of Bashkortostan are taking part in its work, discussing problems of social-economic development of Bashkir towns, problems of urbanization of Bashkirs, preservation of ethnic identity and Bashkir language in the Republic, problems of national education, health and demography of Bashkirs in towns. A collection of scientific works will be published in accordance with the conference’s totals.