19 April 2012, Thursday, 16:12

Passengers of “Lufthansa” successfully left for Frankfurt

author: Lubov Kolokolova

311 passengers from the airliner Boeing-747 of the air company “Lufthansa”, which had landed in Ufa airport due to technical difficulties on Wednesday evening, have successfully left for Frankfurt by two comfortable A-320 liners.

The PR-officer of Ufa airport Tagir Mukhametshin reports the passengers were waiting for the departure in the transit zone and were supplied with water and hot meals in strict accordance with aviation regulations.

“We are sorry of those inconveniences, arising because of emergency landing. The flight N729 from Shanghai to Frankfurt on April 18, 2012, has deviated from the course and landed in Ufa after the stewards had felt the smell of burning electric wiring in the salon in the crew’s recreation zone. Deviation is a standard safety procedure in such moments. No emergency situations and technical failures have been announced. At the same time there was no danger for health of the passengers. The mechanic, arriving in Ufa from Moscow, failed to discover any failures in the crew’s recreation zone. Nonetheless, “Lufthansa” made the decision to send two airliners A-320 to Ufa to take the passengers to Frankfurt” – one of “Lufthansa” officials in Moscow commented.

Boeing-747 will return to Frankfurt empty. This is the decision of the air company.