19 April 2012, Thursday, 12:06

Passengers of air company “Lufthansa” will be delivered from Ufa for Frankfurt by other airliners

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The air company “Lufthansa”, which aircraft Boeing-747 has made an emergency landing in Ufa airport during the flight Shanghai-Frankfurt, will deliver its passengers for Frankfurt by two other airliners. These airliners expected to arrive in Ufa at 11:05 and 11:15 local time, the PR-officer of Ufa airport Tagir Mukhametshin reported. As it was reported earlier, 311 passengers were on board of Boeing-747.

At present time Boeing is towed off to the diversion airfield. The passengers, waiting for departure in the transit zone, are supplied with hot meals.

According to the latest information the smoke alarm was set off on board. The technicians of “Lufthansa”, arriving in Ufa at night, failed to discover any malfunctions in electric wiring. Nonetheless it is decided that Boeing-747 will leave Ufa without passengers.