17 April 2012, Tuesday, 12:50

The book “100 best places of Bashkortostan” is republished by publishing house “KITAP”

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Bashkir publishing house “KITAP” by Zainab Biisheva republished the popular book “100 best places of Bashkortostan”. This richly illustrated edition, published jointly with the publishing house “RIFEI” is at present moment considered one of the most detailed and trustworthy guide-books in the Republic.

The book acquaints readers with the most beautiful nooks of South Ural and consists of six chapters” “Mountains”, “Rocks”, “Rivers and Water Sources”, “Lakes and Water Reservoirs”, “Caves” and “Waterfalls”. Every chapter is provided with detailed geographic map.

The book is published in Russian language and its circulation is 5000 copies.