16 April 2012, Monday, 17:40

“Jigger deal” at the rate of 1,29 million rubles is admitted invalid

author: Galina Bakshieva

The deal for purchase of super-expensive tableware for the needs of the Presidential Administration RB is admitted invalid and 1,129 million rubles returned in the budget.

The order was placed on the official site of state purchases and here the state official institution “Economic Dept” intended to buy a cut-glass ware at a high price.

The deputy head of the Presidential Administration RB Abbas Gallyamov says the leadership of the Administration expresses sincere gratitude to those representatives of public community, who noticed this violation and helped to prevent it.

At the same time the state committee RB for state purchasing preferred dodging any comments concerning “jigger deal”.

“State purchases still remain one of the “bottlenecks” in activity of state machinery and keeping this sphere in order only with the help of functionaries is unreal, so the help of public community is really important for us” – Abbas Gallyamov stated.