16 April 2012, Monday, 14:56

A book of Bashkir historian Salavat Gallyamov is published in Arab language in Iraq

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The book of Bashkir historian and philosopher Salavat Gallyamov “Ancient Aryans and eternal Kurdistan” in Arab language was recently published in Iraq. This 560-page edition contains more than 100 illustration and the scientists says the book will be kept in all scientific libraries of Arab countries.

This book was published in Russian language still in 2007 by one of Moscow publishing houses. Same year the scientist has visited the Institute by Salakh-ad-Dina Auba (Erbil), where he read lectures, devoted to the history of Kurds and presented the book.

In this book the author gives his understanding of the history of Kurds and scientifically proves that Kurds are the offspring of Sumerians. This conclusion was made by the scientist on the base of famous foreign specialists of Sumerian culture Samuel Kamer (the USA) and Ciaro Decci Bordesci (Italy).

It is worth mentioning that once upon the time the historian has made a sensation, stating that the Sumerian-Kurd myth about Gilgamesh has much in common with Bashkir epos “Ural-Batyr”. Besides, he compared and found out the connections between astronomic calendars of Kurds and Bashkirs.