16 April 2012, Monday, 12:06

A scientist from Japan estimated Bashkir kumis

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Well-known Japanese biochemist fr om Tokyo M-r Kadzu Umedzava arrived in our region on invitation of the Academy of Sciences RB. Getting to know of the medicinal properties of Bashkir horse milk (kumis), he wished to be accommodated in the sanatorium “Umatovo”, wh ere kumis was included in ration of the guests.

Kadzu Umedzava is the author of more than 20 preparations for treatment of oncology patients. Seven preparations got international recognition. The main goal of his visit is to tell international public community about new oncology preparations and to become acquainted with treatment and rehabilitation of people, suffering this disease. In his opinion the sanatorium “Umatovo” possesses all factors for successful treatment of such patients – wonderful nature, comfortable apartments, located far from the noisy city, experienced personnel and, sure, Bashkir kumis, which suited the state of the scientist from Japan.

“Here one can get rest both for body and soul” – Kadzu Umedzava believes.

Now the scientist reads lectures to Ufa colleagues and meets with pedagogues and students. He is going to return to Japan on April 19.