13 April 2012, Friday, 11:20

Bashkir enterprises will cover 70% of expenses, connected with realization of the program for industrial waste

author: Galina Bakshieva

95% of industrial waste, formed in Bashkiria, fall on the share of ore mining companies. At that the level of scientific-research works on search for technologies of deep processing of ores, remains very low, the Minister for nature management and ecology RB Azat Kutliakhmetov stated at the XI international conference “Waste Recycling” in Ufa.

The share of chemical and oil-chemical enterprises in waste formation makes up than 2% and analysis of their waste shows these branches of industry lead in formation of toxic waste in the Republic.

“The rates of waste recycling in the region are still too slow and this problem should be solved fully, so in 2012 the Ministry will work up a goal-oriented program for improvement of the situation with waste recycling” – Azat Kutliakhmetov reported.

In his opinion the enterprises, leaving toxic and industrial waste, have to cover the lion’s share of the program’s expenses, more exactly – about 70%. Means of Republican and municipal budgets will be used by the future program too.