12 April 2012, Thursday, 14:57

Grant holders of Spivakov’s Fund from Ufa will play in Moscow International Music House

author: Rozalia Valeeva

The show of the grant holders of Vladimir Spivakov’s international charity fund in Republic of Bashkortostan – students and graduates of the Ufa Arts College, Ufa State Academy of Arts by Zagir Ismagilov and pupils of the central musical school under the Moscow State Conservatory by P. I. Tchaikovsky will take place on April 19 in the chamber hall of the Moscow International Music House.

The director of the fund’s filial in Bashkortostan Galia Kamaeva reports that laureates of Republican, Russian and international music festivals Timothy Vladimirov (piano), Angelina Samoilova (violin), Cyril Kozlov (piano), Gulnaz Sakhibgareeva (piano), Oleg Tuzov (piano), Dilara Idrisova (soprano), Bulat Nasyrov (violin) and Iskander Khannanov (cello) will take part in the show. The musicians will play the instruments, presented by maestro Spivakov. The grant holders of the first generation of the fund in Bashkortostan, now students of the Moscow State Conservatory Elisa Khanafina (cello) and Denis Khusainov (piano) will also take part in the show. The musicians will play the works of Ferenz List, Frederick Chopin, Robert Shuman, Rodion Shedrin, Heinrich Venyavsky, David Popper, Zagir Ismagilov and Alberto Hinaster.

themes: concerts