09 April 2012, Monday, 15:21

Prices for chicken eggs go up on the eve of the Easter in Bashkiria

author: Galia Nabieva

The cost of one dozen of chicken eggs in Bashkiria has overcome 40 rubles last week. According to information of the Bashkir Statistics Committee the average price for one dozen of chicken eggs amounted to 42 rubles 31 kopecks on April 2. Thanks to high demand on the eve of the main Christian holiday the prices for chicken eggs continue going up.

In March the prices for eggs have grown by 12,9%. The rise of prices for chicken eggs is typical for the whole country and if we compare the prices in Volga federal district, we can see that the cheapest eggs can be met in Mordvinia – 33,5 rubles for one dozen last week. The most expensive eggs are in Kirov region – 47 rubles 39 kopecks. Bashkortostan is found in the middle of the list.

According to experts’ forecasts the prices for chicken eggs will continue creeping up till the end of this week. The market will stabilize itself after the Easter.