06 April 2012, Friday, 17:17

Open politics of Bashkir leadership widens audience of Republican mass-media

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The course towards authority’s openness, determined by the President of Bashkortostan, doesn’t leave closed topics for Republican mass-media.

“At present time there are practically no “white spots” and closed topics for mass-media” – the Minister for communication and mass communications RB Boris Melkoedov stated today at the widened meeting of the Ministry’s board.

The opportunity to unveil any topics, discussing these earlier taboo themes in close contact with audience, results in growth of the number of information consumers and the main task for mass-media for today is to provide high-quality content and suitable site for discussion.

“There are no closed topics but there are qualitative discussions” – Boris Melkoedov stated.

“The only salvation for printed mass-media is to be interesting” – the chief of the Presidential Secretariat RB Abbas Gallyamov said – “The former mass media model – “Mass-media talk and audience heeds” has already become a thing of the past”.