03 April 2012, Tuesday, 17:51

President of Bashkortostan says it is necessary to approve Republican program for protection of objects of cultural heritage

author: Marina Shumilova

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov raised the problem of protection of architectural monuments in towns of Bashkortostan during the meeting in the National Museum RB, which gathered representatives of the agencies, specializing in protection of cultural heritage, historians, architects and specialists of local lore.

“We mustn’t stand aside of the processes, occurring in this sphere”- he said.

At present time there are more than five thousand objects of cultural heritage on the territory of the Republic. But nearly all of these objects are found in half-dilapidated state. Thus, 140 of 300 architectural monuments have been recently irrevocably lost.

In opinion of the President RB it is necessary to work up and approve a Republican program for state protection of cultural objects, since such program is absent now.

Participants of the meeting have made several proposals concerning the Republican program for protection of objects of cultural heritage, including opening of new protective zones in Ufa, regeneration of once lost architectural environment and participation of scientific organizations RB in elaboration of municipal programs in this sphere.