30 March 2012, Friday, 10:34

The first subbotnik in Ufa will take place on April 21

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The first all-town subbotnik in 2012 will take place in Ufa on April 21, the chairman of Ufa town council Eugene Semivelichenko reported today.

The head of Ufa administration Irek Yalalov says that the number of participants of subbotniks in the city goes down every year, nonetheless administration doesn’t intend to refuse from its tradition, having high educational meaning.

“Communal services will do the lion’s share of all works” – Irek Yalalov mentioned – “They’ll clean 90% of the town territory without help of citizens and industrial enterprises but we have to hold subbotniks at least in educational purposes, since people have to know how difficult it is to clean the streets before leaving garbage on our pavements”.

Irek Yalalov has also told that patchwork of roads started in Ufa two weeks earlier than usual. At that it is for the first time decided that the road workers will work exclusively at nighttime in order to disturb neither residents nor drivers.