29 March 2012, Thursday, 12:11

Imams offer to place quotations from Koran on street banners

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

Meeting of Muslim clergy and representatives of municipal and state authority has taken place in the village Iglino yesterday. The chairman of the Council for state and inter-confessional relations under the President RB Vyacheslaw Pyatkov, the head of Iglinsky regional administration Rafik Musin, heads of local village councils, the first deputy chairman of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB Aup Bibarsov, the head of the Clerical Muslim Department’s youth agency Ainur Arslanov, representative of the Central Clerical Muslim Dept of Russia, imam Basil Timergaliev, local imams, chairmen of veteran organizations and mass-media have taken part in it.

In the course of the gathering its participants were discussing the problems of interaction between religious and public organizations and authority and law-enforcement bodies and inclusion of the basics of religion and secular ethics into curriculums. Problems in development of Islamic education in the region, prevention of destructive tendencies in Muslim community, consolidation of tolerance and work with youth were raised too.

One of the imams offered to place quotations from Koran on the banners, located along local highways.

“These quotations should popularize all-human values: love, friendship, diligence, patriotism and striving for self-perfection” – the imam said — “We’d like to start such social advertising in the regional center first and later it can be spread on the whole region. It will be useful for all of us”.

themes: religion