28 March 2012, Wednesday, 12:43

Epidemic threshold on acute respiratory virus diseases among kids is exceeded in Ufa

author: Galia Nabieva

Epidemiologists register growth of sickness rate among children. Thus, the epidemic threshold among kids at the age of 3-6 years is exceeded by 8,1%, the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights Department in Bashkortostan reports and specialists say that wet and cold weather is the main reason of growth of virus infections.

For the last week 22444 people have got sick with flu and acute respiratory diseases in Bashkiria and children, aged less than 14, make up 67,3% of them. As compared with the previous week the sickness rate has grown by 9,1%. The overall sickness rate of population with flu and acute respiratory diseases exceeds the average many-year level by 4,1%.

The sickness rate of population in Ufa has grown by 19,9%, as compared with one week earlier. At the same time the sickness rate with flu and acute respiratory diseases in Ufa is by 13,5% lower than the epidemic threshold.

Epidemiologists report that adenoviruses, PC-viruses and flu viruses of A2 types dominate on the territory of the Republic.