27 March 2012, Tuesday, 17:23

Economic growth in Bashkiria exceeds all-Russian average indices

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The growth of gross regional product in Bashkiria made up about 109% in January-February 2012. Positive tendencies can be observed in all spheres of economics, Ministry for economic development RB reported.

Thus, work volumes in building sphere are increased almost ten times, as compared with 2011: from 2,8% in January-February 2011 to 22,8% for the same period of time in 2012.

The growth of industrial production index made up 7,6% and growth in agriculture – by 1,7%.

Average salary was increased by 18,4% in January. Average per capita monetary incomes of population are increased by 26,1%. Consumer activity goes up too on the background of low inflation rate: thus, retail trade circulation is increased by 15,8% against 5,5% for the same period of time in 2011, while the level of inflation dropped from 3,4% to 0,5%.

Such dynamics places Bashkiria in the group of Russian regions with positions “better than the average all-Russian one” and information of Russian Ministry for regional development proves that.