27 March 2012, Tuesday, 13:35

Bashkir enterprises started 2012 with growing profits

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Profits of big and medium enterprises of Bashkiria grew by 21,5% in January 2012, as compared with January 2011. Their aggregate profits amounted to 13,1 billion rubles, Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports.

The share of unprofitable enterprises amounts to 20,5% — 243 enterprises of 1188. Their summarized losses are equal to 1,6 billion rubles. The worst situation is observed in sphere of transport and communication, where losses are equal to 455,9 million rubles, in processing productions – 389,3 million rubles, in wholesale and retail trade – 167,7 million and in sphere of mining operations – 129,9 million rubles.