27 March 2012, Tuesday, 11:34

Prayer houses will be opened in Republican recruiting center

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

Prayer houses for Muslims and Christians will be opened soon in the republican recruiting center, the Military Commissar RB Anatoly Baltinsky reported today.

As he said, servicemen have to meet not just their everyday needs but spiritual ones too. Thus, Muslim and Christian priests already work in many military units, helping the servicemen to bear all hardships of army service, communicating with them and answering numerous questions.

“Priests actively participated in send-off of recruits but our recruiting centers never gave young believers a chance to retire to separate room and to prey. In 2012 we will open two rooms for Muslim and Christian believers and young recruits may prey there already during the forthcoming spring recruitment campaign” – the Commissar stated.

As for the religious standards of meals, Anatoly Baltinsky has mentioned that the list of foods, meant for servicemen, remains the same and won’t be changed. Russian Ministry for Defense sets strict food norms for servicemen, which don’t depend upon religious belonging.