27 March 2012, Tuesday, 10:51

Bashkir epos “Ural-Batyr” sounded in Kazakhstan

author: Alim Faizov

Delegation of Bashkortostan has returned from one-week scientific mission from Kazakhstan yesterday. International conference “Turk speaking folklore as a factor of international harmony” was held in the town of Aktube, Kazakhstan, during celebration of Navruz – the holiday of spring equinox and scientists from Kazakhstan, China, Bashkortostan, Turkey and Orenburg were taking part in its work. Lectures of popular Bashkir scientist, folklore specialist, doctor of philology Rozalia Sultangareva were dated to work of the conference. The lectures were devoted to Bashkir folklore and mythology.

Along with scientists the staff of Bashkir delegation included students of Bashkir State Pedagogical University and several folk musicians. They were demonstrating the Bashkir epos “Ural-Batyr”, the mastery of playing Bashkir cane flute and national throat singing.

Professors and pedagogues of the conference have highly estimated the lectures of Rozalia Sultangareeva and of the rector of Bashkir State Pedagogical University Rail Asadullin, giving them the ranks of honorable professors of Aktube University of Kazakhstan. This international scientific forum has become one more evidence that language of any nation is per se can be considered as international language, bringing ideas of good, solidarity and spirit of its creators.