26 March 2012, Monday, 18:38

Film “ENMESH” has won Grand Prix in India

author: Rozalia Valeeva

The short “ENMESH”, made by Bashkir producer Ainur Askarov and shot by TV studio “Bashkortostan”, has come back with victory from the film festivals “Svyrsky Myth” (Russia) and “Cinema-dialogue of BRICS states-2012” (India). The short has won Grand-Prix and “The Prize for the best male lead”.

In spring “ENMESH” will take part in festivals in Macedonia, Serbia, France, Spain and Germany.

At present time Ainur Askarov is busy with shooting the short “We Are Not Slaves” in Saint-Petersburg.

For the reference: The filmfest in Deli is dated to the summit of BRICS (the group of five rapidly developing countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South African Republic). The summit will be held in the capital of India on March 28-29. Documentaries, live-action movies and animated cartoons, shot within the period between 2009 and 2011, by producers at the age less than 30, were taking part in the festival. For four months initiators of the filmfest have received 108 films in nine languages. The majority of films were presented by India.

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