26 March 2012, Monday, 13:22

Publishing house “KITAP” will present photo-album “Rami Garipov: Life and Creation”

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Presentation of the photo-album “Rami Garipov: Life and Creation” will take place on March 30 in the shop of the Bashkir publishing house “KITAP” (Ufa, October Avenue, 2). Publication of the album is dated to the 80th anniversary of the national poet of Bashkortostan and laureate of the State Award by Salavat Ulaev Rami Garipov.

This unique edition includes the poet’s works, abstracts from his diaries, autographs, remembrances of his contemporaries, archive documents and photos from the poet’s family albums.

Organizers of the presentation report that the meeting with writers Irek Kinyabulatov, Ravil Bikbaev, Khasan Nazar and with the son and the daughter of the poet is scheduled on the same day.

Beginning of the presentation is at 12 o’clock.