26 March 2012, Monday, 12:00

German painters will create a sculpture with built-in sound in Ufa

author: Rozalia Valeeva

Exhibition of German painters “Word-Silver” will be opened at Ufa Art Gallery “X-Max” on Tuesday, March 27.

The painters Kerstin Bernhard and Rainer Wiltz will construct the installation, made of wood and newspapers-“the room inside the room”- and people will be found inside the sculpture instead of just watching it.

The installation, created with the help of Ufa’s volunteers, will be devoted to the theme of inter-cultural and inter-personal communication.

As the organizers of the exhibition explain, “Word-Silver” represents a sculpture with built-in sound, the synthesis of different art genres – painting, collage, object art and lyrics.

Besides, visitors may watch graphic works of Kerstin Bernhardt to a Japanese theme in the upper hall of the gallery.

The exhibition is organized with the frames of the Year of Germany in Russia by the German Language Center and the School of photo and multimedia “Event” with assistance of the German Embassy in Russia.

Exhibition will start working at 19 o’clock and admission is free. The exposition will work till April 27.

themes: exhibitions