23 March 2012, Friday, 13:00

The only in Russia inter-bank bureau keeps 70 million credit histories

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The National Bureau of credit histories keeps about 70 million records about credits of Russian residents and more than 600 financial organizations have direct access to this database, the president of the Russian Banks Association Garegin Tosunyan stated today at the scientific-practical conference “Banks, Processes, Standards, Quality”, held in Ufa. He called the market of credit histories one of the most stormily developing in the bank sphere and the National Bureau, which establishment was initiated by the Russian Banks Association, was the absolute leader in this market.

According to M-r Tosunyan this is still the only in Russia inter-bank database of borrowers. Along with banks several insurance companies and collector agencies have access to it – more than 600 organizations in a whole.

The president of the Russian Banks Association has underscored that the value of this database is that it is contained “maximally in one bottle” and as many participants of the financial market as possible should have direct access to it.

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