20 March 2012, Tuesday, 15:04

All-Russian forum of business mass-media to be held in Moscow

author: Lubov Kolokolova

All-Russian forum of business mass-media “Economic integration: in interests of business and for the good of nations” will take place in Moscow on April 9, organized by Trade-Industry Chamber of Russian Federation and the Union of Journalists of Russia. The forum will take place in the International Trade Center.

The role of mass-media in assistance to development of integration processes and popularization of mass-media as stable and long-term, attractive for population and business social-economic project will be discussed at the forum.

Editors-in-chief of federal and regional business mass-media, representatives of law-making and executive power, business structures and public communities of Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan and other inter-state organizations expected to take part in the forum.

Winners of the all-Russian journalist contest “Economic Revival of Russia-2011” will be rewarded within the frames of the forum.

Business journalists of Bashkortostan will take part in the contest too.