19 March 2012, Monday, 16:43

Possibilities for turning Russia to “Economics of knowledge” to be discussed in Ufa

author: Galina Bakshieva

Discussion of real possibilities for turning Russia to direction of “economics of knowledge” will become the main theme at the forthcoming XI international conference “Waste Recycling” in Ufa. The problem of creation of new high-tech branches of industry, including waste recycling, will be raised here too.

The conference will be held in Ufa on April 11-13 with assistance of Ministry for nature management and ecology RB. The Institute of applied mathematics by M.V. Keldysh and the Institute for humanitarian investigations will be scientific partners of the conference.

The state unitary enterprise “TABIGAT” from Bashkortostan will share its experience in sphere of solid waste recycling. Prospects in development of new technologies in Russia and in the world, waste recycling as the key technology of the future, methods of waste recycling, including utilization of dangerous and medical waste, development of landfills and construction of centers, specializing in waste recycling and neutralization, will be also considered by participants of the conference.