19 March 2012, Monday, 15:46

Labor pensions will be raised beginning from April 1

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Beginning from April 1 labor pensions will be raised by 3,4% and social pensions – by 14,1%. The amount of monthly payments to the citizens, having the right for various social preferences, will be raised by 6%, the Prime-Minister of Russian Government Vladimir Putin stated at the widened gathering of the collegiums of Russian Ministry for health protection and social development.

“Since February 1, 2012, the insurance share of labor pensions is already increased by 7% and beginning from April 1 we will raise the pensions by other 6%. In total complexity the rise will amount to 10% and it is slightly more than we previously planned, forming the budget-2012” – the head of Russian Government said.

Concerning the size of social pension Vladimir Putin has mentioned that “this rise is fixed, as we agreed – by 14,1% in the budget-2012”.

As the news agency “Bashinform” reported earlier, after the pension rise in February the average size of labor old-age pension reached 8900 rubles in Bashkortostan.

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