19 March 2012, Monday, 12:19

Building industry of Bashkortostan faces shortage of qualified specialists

author: Rasul Khamidullin

Building industry of Bashkortostan receives 3700 young specialists every year, while the deputy chairman of the state committee RB for building and architecture Rustam Tukaev says that this reinforcement should be at the level of at least 4500.

“We have to fill the want of specialists. Somebody either retires on a pension or leaves for other regions every year” – he mentioned – “At present time the republic faces serious shortage of qualified builders. First of all we need welders and bricklayers”.

Low quality of specialists’ training is considered one more serious problem.

“The level of training here is found too far from European countries and in order to improve this situation we have to revise the whole system of professional training” – Rustem Tukaev reported.