16 March 2012, Friday, 9:33

Acceptance of applications for mass-media contest “Golden Gong-2012” is open

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Representatives of Republican mass-media are invited to participation in all-Russian journalist contest “Golden Gong-2012”, held by the Regional Mass-Media Alliance (ARS-PRESS) and the Interregional Subscription Agency (MAP).

Materials, published within the period between January 1, 2011, and July 1, 2012, are accepted by the jury.

The contest is held separately among journalists and editions. The best authors will be chosen in the following nominations: “Journalist Debut of the Year”, “Investigation of the Year”, “Publication Efficiency”, “For Bravery and Adherence”, “The Best Material of the Year about Culture”, “The Best Material of the Year about Social Problems”, “The Best Material of the Year about Corruption” and the cycle of photo-reports.

The following nominations are chosen for editions: “The Newspaper of the Year” (federal), “The Newspaper of the Year” (regional), ‘The Best News Agency of the Year” (federal), “The Best News agency of the Year” (regional), “The Best Edition for Children and Teenagers”, “New Life of Old Newspaper”, “For Professional and Ethic Advertising”, “Editor of the Year” and “The Action of the Year”.

Winner will be also chosen in the special nomination “For Consolidation of Interaction between Authority and Mass-Media”.

Applications are accepted till August 15, 2012, to the address: 127137, Moscow, private box 42, ARS-Press.

Contact phones: (499) 257-40-44, 257-42-22, 257-43-45, 257-42-38.

E-mail: ars@arspress.ru, milana@arspress.ru, Natalia@arspress.ru, Elena@arspress.ru, sbdjourn@mtu-net.ru