12 March 2012, Monday, 17:06

Exhibition of famous art-group “Blue Noses” will be opened in Ufa

author: Rozalia Valeeva

Exhibition: “Look! How we made the art of 2000s” of the art-group “Blue Noses” will be opened in Ufa, Modern Art Museum by N. Latfullin on Tuesday, March 13.

Video-works of “Blue Noses” will be demonstrated along with their photographs.

“Blue Noses” is Russian art-group, developing the project of “national modern art”, democratic both in form and content and addressed to “pioneers and pensioners”, as the members of the group say. The group has been formed in Novosibirsk in 1999. It creates its works in the genres of video-art and performance. The works of “Blue Noses” often arouses numerous scandals, were many times arrested by customs, often becoming the objects of assizes. This is the reason why the painters call themselves “the most tabooed painters of Russia”.

Scandalous collages of Vyacheslaw Mizin and Alexander Shaburov are famous in the whole world. Their works were demonstrated in Paris, Berlin, Milano, Beijing and New-York. The group took part in the 50th and the 51st biennale in Venice and in Moscow modern art biennale.

The exhibition will work in Ufa till April 6.