06 March 2012, Tuesday, 13:04

UNESCO Club is opened at Bashkir State University

author: Elmira Sabirova

UNESCO Club “Zefeya” is opened at Bashkir State University – a voluntary public community of students, pupils, post-graduates and pedagogues. The Club poses various problems before itself: formation of future specialist as highly cultural, intellectual, tolerant and socially active person, leader and patriot; studying, implementation and spreading of cutting-edge experience in education system; development of inter-cultural communication; assistance to preservation and development of Bashkir language and culture and other nations in Republic of Bashkortostan.

Inter-cultural communication, inter-confessional interaction, ecological direction, social projects, international documentation and journalism are the main directions of the Club’s work and days of culture, seminars, ecological and charity actions and seminars will be included in sphere of its activity. The Club will cooperate with republican public organizations, cultural centers and Diasporas.

Contact phones of the Club are 229-96-64 (Regina Maevskaya is the contact person), e-mail: zefeya@mail.ru.

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