01 March 2012, Thursday, 11:13

Maximal deposit interest rates remained the same in February

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Deposit interest rates stand still on the point at 9,56% of interest per annum. As the news agency “Bashinform” reported earlier, the maximal deposit interest rates have reached this present value at the beginning of February. At the end of January this figure was equal to 9,51%.

Director of “HOMOS-BANK” retail trade financial products department Alexander Bazanov says the results of the monitoring, made by the Central Bank of Russia, turned out to be quite predicable. In opinion of the expert deposit interest rates will go up soon.

“OTP Bank” has the same opinion.

“Average deposit interest rates will certainly go up” – the bank’s economist Rodion Lomivorotov says – “The tendency of 2011, when growth rate of retail crediting substantially outstripped deposit growth rate, will be probably continued in 2012. Due to instability in the global markets banks will mainly figure on attraction of means with the help of deposits. The drop of inflation will become a positive factor, leading to growth of real deposit interest rates”.

themes: banks, deposits