28 February 2012, Tuesday, 22:08

For two years Russia will invest 130 billion rubles for road repair in rural settlements

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Russia will appropriate at least 130 billion rubles for repair of rural roads, the Chairman of the Russian Government Vladimir Putin stated at the all-Russian agrarian forum in Ufa and according to him the country has never allocated such sums for road repair before.

Vladimir Putin has also reported that Russia will pay high attention to training of specialists and to elaboration of scientific programs for agriculture. Besides, he has reported that within the frames of the goal-oriented program “Social development of villages” 15 million square meters of housing had already been erected. More than a half of cottages in the countryside are supplied with gas. Installation of phones and electrical supply of village are also substantially improved.

“All abovementioned stands for another quality of life in Russian villages, i.e. new opportunities for economic upsurge, for consolidation of positions of Russian producers, for opening new workplaces and for attraction of young specialists to our villages” – Vladimir Putin stated.