28 February 2012, Tuesday, 15:09

Elena Skrynnik “Agricultural producers can cooperate with trade networks without mediators”

author: Galia Nabieva

“Association of Retail Trade Companies “(AKORT) has signed agreement with Bashkir agricultural producers. Now producers can sell their products to retail trade companies directly, without mediators” – Minister for agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik has told during briefing for journalists within the frames of the all-Russian agrarian forum, held in Ufa. According to her all agricultural enterprises – big, medium and small farmings – can enter the trade networks now. She said that same agreement had been signed with Altai region last week.

“We decided to sign similar agreement in Ufa, Bashkiria. It means that Bashkir agrarians can easily cooperate now with such trade companies as X5, Auchan, Metro and with the retail trade company of the Central federal district, delivering foods for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg” – Elena Skrynnik added.

Russian Ministry for agriculture suggested that the relations between retail trade companies and agricultural producers should be registered by the special document – the so-called Code of conscientious practices. The format of such document can be found on the site of Russian Ministry for agriculture.