21 February 2012, Tuesday, 18:38

Producer of TV-channel “TAMYR” has won all-Russian festival “Panacea”

author: Sergey Zakharov

Producer of TV-channel “TAMYR” Gulnaz Galimullina has become the main triumpher at all-Russian regional mass-media contest “Panacea”, held by the Moscow State University by M. Lomonosov. She has won two nominations and her documentaries were admitted the best of 2062 works.

Her two works from the author’s cycle “Profiles” were also rewarded with other prizes.

The documentary “A drop of Life” about 16-year-old girl, suffering leukemia, is rewarded with the special diploma of the Russian Ministry for health and population social protection for “Endowment to coverage of medical themes”. Besides, the documentary “Time for Life” about selfless medics of the Republican clinical hospital N1 is rewarded with the diploma of Russian Government.