20 February 2012, Monday, 11:28

Bashkir farmers have produced more than 560 thousand tons of grain

author: Galia Nabieva

Republican farmers have cultivated more than 560 thousand tons of grain in 2011 – almost 17% of the whole republican harvest, the first deputy Minister for agriculture RB Azat Ziganshin reported at the last gathering of the Republican Farmers and Peasants Association.

Farmers of Bashkiria have made substantial endowment to the Republican harvest. Along with grain they’ve cultivated 155 thousand tons of sugar beet and 58 thousand tons of sunflower. Republican peasants provide for 5% of all-Bashkir milk yield, i.e. 79 thousand tons of milk. In 2011 farmers have sold out 15 thousand tons of meat.

At the same time farmers aren’t yet occupied enough with cultivation of potato and vegetables, the deputy Minister has reminded, though they are quite able to seize this segment of the local market, thus forcing foreign vegetables out.

At present time 4785 individual farmings is registered in Bashkiria and the average plot of arable land per one farming makes up 108 hectares, including 78 hectares of ploughed field.

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