16 February 2012, Thursday, 18:00

Edward Murzin: “Honest power begins with honest elections”

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The action “The most honest observer” started in Ufa. It is initiated by the active group of citizens, headed by the human rights advocate Edward Murzin. The action is aimed at maximal transparency in the course of voting and poll during the forthcoming presidential elections and elections of state council deputies on the territory of Ufa.

“The idea is quite simple” – Edward Murzin explained during his press-conference – “As a rule, observers during elections are representatives of these or those political parties, i.e. they are the people, interested in voting results and we can’t rely on their objectivity. We want independent observers at the elections”.

Any citizen of Ufa, indifferent to the political processes, occurring in the country and to the destiny of our city and the country in a whole, may become an independent observer. The volunteers will watch the course of voting at one of the election stations. The results of voting will be placed on the action’s site in real time mode. Information about violations will be placed there too. In such case two main goals of the project can be achieved – independency and efficiency.

“Citizens should understand that if they avoid keeping control over the process of the election, nobody will do it instead” –Edward Murzin believes – “In order to get real picture it is enough to keep independent observers just at some election stations, for instance, just in one district. But, sure, we’d like to have our observers at all election stations of Ufa”.

themes: elections