16 February 2012, Thursday, 15:25

14,5 tons of oil to be mined in Bashkiria in 2012

author: Galina Bakshieva

14,5 million tons of oil and 424 million cubic meters of gas is planned to mine in Bashkiria in 2012. In 2011 this index was equal to 14,4 million tons and 494 million cubic meters correspondingly.

“Due to successful use of new methods for the rise of recoverable oil we managed to stabilize oil mining at Republican deposits. Now we have even a small rise – about one million tons of oil annually” – the head of nature management department RB Rasikh Khamitov reported today.

According to him seven companies were busy with oil and gas mining on the territory RB in 2011. At that the main mining volume falls on JSC “BASHNEFT” — 14,3 million tons.

At present time there are 202 oil deposits on the territory of Bashkiria and 163 are found in reserve development.