15 February 2012, Wednesday, 14:51

Three representatives of Bashkortostan will go to anti-alcohol congress in Moscow

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

Three representatives of Bashkortostan will go to Moscow to take part in the Public Movement Congress “Common Cause”. The congress will be held at Christ Savior Church on February 16 and 17 and well-known public and religious activists of Russia and government officials will take part in its work. Bashkortostan will be introduced by the chairman of the regional public movement “Sober Bashkortostan” Robert Davletshin, the chairman of the Union for Struggle for National Temperance Vadim Mufarakhov and a representative of the Ministry for youth policy and sport RB.

The program of top priority measures in state anti-alcohol policy will be discussed on the first day, February 16. Various sections will work on the second day.

Delegates of our Republic prepared the report about contest “Sober Village”, held in Bashkiria.