15 February 2012, Wednesday, 12:36

“Utchaly-Milk” starts production of kvass in Antalya

author: Galia Nabieva

The Bashkir company “Utchaly-Milk” begins production of kvass in Turkish market.

“We produced the first lot – about 700 liters of kvass for the international exhibition of drinks, held in Antalya, and won the first prize in the nomination “Natural Product” – the general director of the company Oleg Glasunov reported.

The company signed delivery contracts with the network of Turkish premium-class hotels for deliveries of 50 tons of kvass daily. The daughter company of “Utchaly-Milk” will produce this national Russian drink in one of Antalya’s suburbs. Mass production will start after beginning of regular tourist season and the enterprise will reach planned production capacity at the end of March. The same company will produce lemonade for young tourists.