14 February 2012, Tuesday, 10:57

Bashkortostan stands on the first place in Volga federal district by profitability of its government-sponsored enterprises

author: Rasul Khamidullin

According to totals-2011 38 government-sponsored enterprises have transferred dividends at the rate of more than three billion rubles to the budget RB. 112 state unitary enterprises have transferred net profit at the rate of 86 million rubles, the Minister for land and property relations RB Ramil Iskudgin reported today.

By the level of such payments Bashkortostan holds correspondingly the second and the fifth place in Russia and the first in Volga federal district.

“At the same time the real picture shows that only five-seven big companies form the lion’s share of profits while financial situation at other state enterprises leaves much to be desired” – the Minister mentioned – “So our task is to raise the efficiency of government-sponsored enterprises”.